Jenny Caughey
Jenny is the new secretary of the Sacred Heart and Saint Joseph parish.
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Georgette Williams
Wedding Coordinator

I am honored to be the Wedding Administrator for the Heart of Peoria Catholic Community.  I was born in Tripoli, Lebanon, and my family moved to Peoria, Illinois, when I was a baby.   I grew up in Peoria and attended college at Bradley University where I received a Business Management and Administration degree.  After graduating from college, I worked as a legal assistant, legal secretary, retail sales assistant, and in the purchasing department at Caterpillar. 

My husband Harry and I have been married for more than 35 years. We were blessed with seven children and are grandparents of 11 grandchildren.  I educated my children at home until they entered college.  While my children were in school, I started a homeschool support group and organized Mother’s groups for my church.  Over the years, I taught preschool programs and children’s fitness classes, and I also taught and choreographed a cultural style of Middle Eastern Belly Dance.

During the 1980s and 1990s, my husband and I taught Natural Family Planning and Christian Sexuality Workshops for the Diocese of Peoria.  We also started and coordinated the Perpetual Adoration program at St. Philomena Catholic Church, where Adorers are still praying 24 hours a day.

My family and I have performed and entertained audiences across the country (singing and dancing). We performed at nursing homes, retirement homes, wedding receptions, conventions, and other social events.  I have spoken at numerous mother/daughter conferences, and for mother’s groups, home school conferences, and programs for young girls.

After raising my children, I became a bridal sales consultant, wedding banquet attendant, wedding planner, wedding coordinator, and wedding assistant.

In addition to working as a Wedding Administrator for the Heart of Peoria Catholic Community, I also assist bridal couples with wedding planning.

I thank God for His abundant graces and blessings and for trusting me with the important role of assisting couples with their wedding plans for their special day. I enjoy meeting and working with all of our Heart of Peoria Catholic Community bridal couples and look forward to working with many engaged couples in the future. I wish you all of God’s Blessings.

Georgette Williams

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Therese Muller
Wedding Assistant
I am Therese and I am one of the wedding assistants. It is an honor to be able to help couples as they celebrate the start of their new lives together in God's house. I work full time at Lagron Miller. I attend and am active in various ministries at Holy Family Parish Church along with my husband and two children. In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my family and friends.

Jo Ellen Lohnes
Hello, I am Jo Ellen Lohnes, bookkeeper for Sacred Heart and St. Joseph. I am wife to Todd, mother to Lizzi, Lia, Luke, Levi & Lydia, and a Registered Certified Public Accountant. Our home parish is St. Mary's Church in Delavan. My family enjoys traveling throughout the United States with portable accommodations and amenities provided by our pop-up camper. I have been blessed to have had the opportunity to stay home with my children throughout their infant and preschool years and bittersweetly look forward to new experiences for us all as our youngest begins Kindergarten and I venture out of the house to resume my accounting career. 

I am in the office only part-time, most Mondays from 8:30 to 2:30, and other variable times later in the week.
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Claire Crone
Director of
Sophia's Kitchen

My name is Claire Crone. God has taken me on quite an adventure since beginning work at Sacred Heart in February of 2009. I began as the afternoon secretary, but added kitchen manager of the Sandwich Program to my duties in March of 2010. It is truly rewarding to help feed those in need nutritious, filling food each day. The challenge of organizing close to 100 volunteers each week brings its own rewards! Coming to the Sacred Heart office in the afternoon to work is certainly a change of pace. I have been married to Dave for many years. We have two lovely daughters, Katrina and Janet, who I am always happy to brag about! As delightful as these young ladies are, they know I’m even quicker to tell you about my dog, Amos. We rescued him from a rough situation, and he is completely devoted to me. My home parish is Holy Family, where I hold many happy memories. I am very grateful to be given these opportunities at Sacred Heart. Every day I know Fr. Bert is right in his proclamation, “God is Good! ALL THE TIME!”​

Claire works as Director of Sophia's Kitchen.
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Courtney Curtis
Hello, I am Courtney Curtis. I am assistant manager of Sophia's Kitchen on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. After volunteering for several years I am very excited for this new adventure as I find working in the kitchen very fulfilling. My husband Brian and I have four children. Three of them attend St. Philomena School which is our home parish. In my free time, I enjoy going to my children's various sporting events, and spending time with my very large extended family.
Assistant Manager of
Sophia's Kitchen
Deacon Toby

Decon Raymond Toby Tyler
My name is Deacon Raymond Toby Tyler, I grew up in the Chicago Heights and Northwestern Indiana area. After graduating from Bloom Township High School, I joined the United States Air Force. I went to Electronics School in Biloxi, Mississippi and upon graduation I was stationed in Hanna City at the 796th Radron (Radar Station) as a Radar Technician. While stationed in Hanna City, I met my wife Sarah (Sally) on a blind date and we were married 6 months later in St. Philomena Church, by Fr. Horvath. I was baptized Serbian Orthodox, but became Roman Catholic before marrying my wife of 47 years. We have three children; Kristine, Amy, Michael and 5 grandchildren. We settled in Peoria and I worked for Illinois Bell now AT&T, for 28 years before retiring in 1998. In 1984, I made Cursillo 248 and on that weekend the Holy Spirit entered my life in a big way. On that weekend Christ led me to the Permanent Diaconate. We prayed as a couple,for 12 years before finally filling out the application for Permanent Deaconate Class VII. After 5 years of training I was ordained on May 18, 2002, the first class to be ordained by Bishop Jenky as the newBishop of Peoria. Upon my ordination I was assigned to St. Philomena Parish in Peoria. I was hired as a full time Deacon and served there for 1 year as a Pastoral Associate to the pastor. I was then transferred to Holy Family Parish as a Pastoral Associate, overseeing the RCIA Program. While there I was asked to become a Pontifical Deacon to serve our Bishop during masses that he celebrates. Monsignor Deptula also trained me as an MC (Master of Ceremony) to drive and assist Bishop Jenky at different parish events throughout the Diocese of Peoria. After two years, I was asked to become the Deacon of St. Mary’s Cathedral by Bishop Jenky. While serving our Bishop I was also an Advocate in the Marriage Tribunal. I am presently the President of the Permanent Deacon Council for the Diocese, Vicar of the Peoria North Vicariate and President of the Parish Pastoral Council.

As one of your Deacons, I am looking forward to serving you.

May God bless you,
Deacon Toby
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Deacon Toby

Decon Ausencio Vargas
Hello everyone, my name is Deacon Ausencio Vargas. I am the oldest of ten children in my family. My parents had six boys and four girls. When I was 15 years old, I moved to Los Angeles, California. I grew up there, got married and was ordained a Deacon in St. Mala Parish. My wife Maria and I have four grown children, two girls and two boys. We also have eight grandchildren. I was ordained on June 10, 2000 in Los Angeles by Cardinal Roger Mahoney. In October of that same year, we moved to Peoria and I was assigned to St. Mary’s Cathedral to help Father James King with the Hispanic Community. I served the Diocese of Peoria for five years as a Los Angeles Deacon. After the five years, I was incarnated into the Diocese of Peoria. I worked for Morton Metal Craft for nine years until they had financial problems and filed for bankruptcy. They laid off about half of their employees and I was one of them. Presently, I work in Pastoral Care at (OSF) St. Francis Medical Center. I am also, Assistant Director for the Hispanic Ministry. I work with Father Thomas Gibson, Father Alex Millar and Monsignor Stanley Deptula.

May God Bless you all,
Deacon Vargas

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Julie Enzenberge
Consecreated Virgin

Hello Heart of Peoria Catholic Community, My name is Julie Enzenberger but most know me as “JJ”. I was born in Chicago and went to St. Cajetan grade school, Mother McCauley High School and Southwest Business College. I did computer work for a firm that owned an electrical contracting company and 3 Popeyes Chicken restaurants for 7 years. In 1990 I purchased my own Shipping and Lumber business and ran and operated that for 20 years. I was consecrated to the Order of Virgins in 2006. I started working for Msgr. Deptula in the Archbishop Fulton Sheen Foundation in 2009. Currently I work for the Catholic Diocese of Peoria in the Archbishop Sheen Foundation, The Department of Stewardship and I do the website and social media for the diocese and Sheen Foundation. I am overjoyed to now call the Heart of Peoria Catholic Community my parish and plan to devote most of my nights and weekends to helping out there. I LOVE people so never hesitate to come and visit with me. You can contact me by calling the Sacred Heart Parish office or email me at:
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